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Obgyn, Husband, Father, & Entrepreneur. Writing about Women’s Health, Parenting, and Self-improvement. CEO of & founder of
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My ten-year-old daughter Lucia asked, “Dad, do you want to read with me?” No, I didn’t. It was late, and I was exhausted after a long day in the office. But I have a rule. When my kids want to talk, I make myself available. …

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I am a board-certified obstetrician and gynecologist in Texas. I grew up in Dallas. I attended college at Trinity University in San Antonio, where I played basketball and majored in Spanish. I then returned to Dallas to attend the University of Texas Southwestern Medical School.

After completing my residency at…

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Sometimes we need a jolt to snap us out of a funk. It‘s been a long time since I smiled, laughed, or felt happy about something. Like many, my soul craved a defibrillating reboot. …

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Have you noticed those weird-looking short stories popping up in your daily feeds? I have. At first, they just confused me. I was not sure what was happening. Then, I noticed I was reading every single one of them from start to finish.

After this lightbulb moment, it was time…

Thank you, Hal Elrod, for waking me up to a new perspective

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Snooze button. Snooze button again.

Tired, sluggish, and dreading the day, I drag myself out of bed like a zombie from The Walking Dead. Like many hard-working entrepreneurs, this was my daily morning routine. Two years ago, I stumbled upon a podcast interview…

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The Covid-19 Delta variant continues to attack North Texas. It is time for community Obgyn physicians and providers to help the growing number of infected patients get access to effective and early treatment.

Monoclonal antibody therapy reduces the risk of hospitalization and severe disease. …

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If you are like me, the flood of surging Covid-19 Delta variant news gets in your head. Every cough, headache, or sniffle triggers the question, “Do I have Covid?”

It is hard not to worry when Texas Covid cases look like this:

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Children are returning to the classroom. Excited parents sit in the carpool lane with mixed emotions triggered by the rise in Covid-19 cases caused by the more contagious Delta variant.

One of the most important steps parents can take to keep their children healthy is is ensuring the child has…

The Delta Variant is a whole new ballgame, and we need to pay attention.

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This week was “Meet the Teacher” Night in Dallas and Tarrant county. When parents arrived for this annual event, excitement and anxiety filled the air. …

Dr Jeff Livingston

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